Amazing Animals A2 – Activity 1

Amazing Animals A2 – Activity 1

Aim of Activity

10 minutes

Checking understanding of the video.

Steps for Students

Go to ACTIVITY 1 or scan the QR code generated by your teacher. Read the questions, choose the correct answers, and move your avatar there. Avoid the enemies that want to eat you on the way 

When you finish, click on “Leader board” and enter your name to see your ranking 

Go to ACTIVITY 1 or generate a QR code  



About the Maze: You can change the setting (scroll down to see the options) or you can change the template (the templates are on the right). When your students finish, ask them to click on “Leader board and enter their names to see their ranking  

Before you watch tip: You can preteach some words before watching the video: pigeon, rat, soldier, medal, island, kangaroo, quokka, landmine, using this memory game.


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