Cool School A1 – Activity 3

Cool School A1 – Activity 3

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 minutes

To develop spoken skills through a listening + pronunciation task.

Steps for Students

  1. This picture has an Ooo sound. What is it?
  2. Listen and repeat the sound and the sentence.
  3. Watch the animation again.
  4. How many Ooo sounds can you hear?

Click the link: ACTIVITY 3

  1. Explain to the students that a new Teacher Mr Boo is going to give them a pronunciation class.
  2. They must listen to the sounds and repeat them (loudly/quietly/slowly/quickly)
  3. Can they repeat everything they hear?
  4. After they practise they should watch the animation again and look for these sounds and repeat or role play the dialogue. Cool/School/Rule/True/New/Bamboo/Zoo/New/Too/Do



These sounds are in the animation which the students could roleplay or repeat the dialogue of (as different characters) for further practise.


  1. Ooo/ Ooo /school/school /A school of fish.
  2. Ooo/ Ooo /room/ room /A school classroom.
  3. Ooo/ Ooo /zoo/zoo/Let’s go to the zoo!
  4. Ooo/ Ooo /bamboo/bamboo/The panda eats bamboo.
  5. Ooo/ Ooo /cool/cool/That dog is very cool.
  6. Ooo/ Ooo /rules/rules/Do you know the rules?
  7. Ooo/ Ooo /tooth/tooth/ I lost my tooth.
  8. Ooo/ Ooo /moon/moon/Look at the moon!
  9. Ooo/ Ooo /you/you/I love you.
  10. Ooo/ Ooo / shoes/shoes/ I like your shoes!