I’m Hungry A0 – Activity 4

I’m Hungry A0 – Activity 4

Aim of Activity

25 minutes

Connecting vocabulary to real life experience.

Steps for Students

  1. Get into pairs.
  2. Choose one of the roles– customer or shop assistant.
  3. Think of a scenario – you are hungry and you go to the shop to buy something to eat and drink.
  4. Use the phrases from the previous activity.
  5. Prepare a role-play and then present it to your classmates.

Equipment needed: a computer/tablet/mobile phone (one for a pair of students), internet connection, a projector

  1. To help your students with the preparation, open the Genially link: ACTIVITY 4 and let your students read the sentences aloud. Then, they should put the sentences in order by dragging them either to a customer or to a shop assistant. They will put together a complete conversation which will help them with their role-plays. Leave the final picture up for your students to see.
  2. Explain the activity to your students – divide them into pairs to prepare role-plays, and explain the roles to them:
    • a customer – is hungry and wants something to eat and drink
    • a shop assistant – offers some food and drinks to the customer
  3. After the preparation, let your students present their role-plays to the rest of the class and give them feedback on their sentence use.



Online lesson:

  • 1st activity: you can share your screen and students will tell you the order of the sentences
  • 2nd activity: you can divide your students into separate rooms/calls and they can prepare their role-plays, when they are ready, they can return to the main room/call and show the role-play to the rest of the class
  1. I’m hungry. I’m going to the shop.
  2. Hello, what would you like?
  3. Hello, can I have a sandwich?
  4. Yes, you can. Do you want some bacon in your sandwich?
  5. No, I don’t like bacon. Can I have a ham sandwich?
  6. Yes. And would you like something to drink?
  7. Yes, I want some water, please.
  8. Here you are. – Thank you!