People I know A1 – Activity 1

People I know A1 – Activity 1

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 minutes

To check learners’ understanding of the video. 

Steps for Students

  1. Work individually. 
  2. Read the information about Lisa and Boosty. 
  3. Correct the wrong information. Talk to your partner. 
  4. Check your answers. 
  1. Put learners in pairs. 
  2. Share the task with the learners. 
  3. Ask the learners to read the information about Lisa and Boosty and correct what is wrong. 
  4. Check the answers with the whole class. 
  5. (Optional) Ask the learners to put the activity away.
    Ask Learner As to say what they remember about Lisa.
    Ask Learner Bs to say what they remember about Lisa.  


Face-to-face class: 

  • print worksheet for learners or project it on an interactive whiteboard 


Online class: 

  • share worksheet on the screen of teacher’s computer OR 
  • share the worksheet with individual students e.g. on a Google Drive



  • Learners may need to watch the video more than once. 
  • In an online class, learners can be encouraged to copy the table in their notebook. 
  • To demonstrate the activity, do the first example together. 
  • To make the activity more communicative, ask learners to talk to each other when they are doing the task. 
  • Before checking the answers with the whole class, allow learners to check their answers with another pair /small group of learners. 


Lisa  Boosty 
Age: 10  Age: twenty 
Favourite Subject: art  Country: China 
Good at: music, maths  Good at: swimming 
Personality: shy, friendly, clever  Personality: active, outgoing, lazy 
Hobby: take photos, walk in the park  Interests: climb trees, hip-hop, dancing 
Appearance: tall, slim, long brown hair, brown eyes  Appearance: short, chubby, good-looking 

Activity attachment

Activity 1