Tree Planting Challenge B1 – Activity 5

Tree Planting Challenge B1 – Activity 5

Aim of Activity

15 to 45 minutes

To develop digital and communication skills.

Steps for Students

Click the link: ACTIVITY 5 

  1. Begin by watching a video that has been posted on a padlet notice board. Your task is to create a comparable video where you share an eco-friendly tip of your own! 
  2. Work in pairs or small teams to prepare what you will say, then practice, record, and share your video on the padlet board. Remember to keep your video short, and your eco tip easy to remember. 
  3. Afterwards, watch what other teams have created and compare your ideas. 
  4. If you are unable to record a video, you can still participate by preparing a written post instead. 
  1. First, direct your students to the following link: ACTIVITY 5 
  2. Have them watch the video provided on the padlet, and explain that the quality of the video is not perfect, and the quality of their recorded videos does not need to be perfect either. Their goal is to produce a similar video in which they share a smart eco tip (e.g., turning off the water tap when brushing their teeth).
  3. If time allows, pairs or small groups may post more videos if they create additional ones. 
  4. This padlet allows for students to upload their own videos. If any students are too shy to participate, offer the option for them to prepare a text-based post instead. 
  5. Once all posts are submitted, enjoy watching the videos with your students and discuss their eco tips.
  6. Consider if anyone in the class would like to apply these tips in their lives.
  7. Note that this padlet is a living organism, so you may come across videos shared by students from other countries.
  8. If you cannot locate the original video, it may have been accidentally deleted. You can still access it here

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