Amazing Animals A2 – Activity 4

Amazing Animals A2 – Activity 4

Aim of Activity

5 - 15 minutes

Connecting the topic with real life.

Steps for Students

Video: watch the video: ACTIVITY 4  

Which animal didn’t you see in the video?  butterfly, turtle, okapi, crocodile, frog, bear, flamingo, cheetah 

After you watch activity:  

You work for a zoo. Work in groups of two or three and prepare an invitation to your zoo. Think about anima ls the visitors can see there but also other places that they can visit (e.g. restaurants, playgrounds, special attractions). 

Start your invitation with:  Hello everyone, we would like to invite you to our _________ (name) Zoo. In our zoo ……. 

Perform your invitation for the class or upload your audio/video to Padlet. 

Watch the invitation to Chester Zoo with the students: ACTIVITY 4



Before you watch: What animals do you expect to see? What else can people do when visiting a zoo? 

While watching:  which animal can’t you see?   Write down the list of the animals below:  butterfly, turtle, okapi, crocodile, frog, bear, flamingo, cheetah. Students need to decide which animal they didn’t see in the video. 

After you watch: put students in pairs or small groups (2-3) and ask them to prepare an invitation to the zoo where they work. 


Students perform their invitations for the class, or teacher can create a Padlet page where students can upload their videos