About Us

The BOOST Project (Building Open Online Series for Teaching) aims to improve the digital readiness of teachers of English as a foreign language to students aged 8 -14 by providing an open-access series of engaging native-speaker content videos linked with a Resource Pack of ready-made activities to stimulate production of the language in online learning. The objective is to enable teachers to use this content and accompanying teacher training guidebook and procedures in their online lesson delivery, and learn to adapt the process and create their own materials, and develop and share the ideas from the project with peers; to help teachers to develop students’ communicative competency in English in the target regions.

Our Mission

The project recognises the importance of online, blended, and hybrid education in the current context and the gap in resources with accompanying guides and training currently available to teachers.

The project aims to create a teacher-pack, suitable to teachers of all levels of technical competency, to boost their preparedness to use digital resources to accelerate their students’ progress and improve their accuracy and ability in the communicative skills. The content will feature native-speaker audio in a variety of dialects and accents and activities will be designed by pedagogic experts to form part of a communicative online or blended lesson and stimulate students’ verbal production of language.