Are Schools the same in Other Countries? B1 – Activity 5

Are Schools the same in Other Countries? B1 – Activity 5

Aim of Activity

30 minutes

To engage learners creatively with target language through a joint project or pair work activity.

Steps for Students

  • Go to: ACTIVITY 5
  • Follow the instructions and complete the online exercises. 
  • You are going to work with your teacher to create a Class Contract. Spend a few minutes and note down any ideas you have about problems in your class.
  • To review the topic of School Discipline go to: ACTIVITY 5
  • Once students have completed the online exercises, tell the class that you are all going to work together to create a Class Contract for English Lessons.
  • Begin by brainstorming problems that students face in class.
  • Next divide class into smaller groups to discuss solutions and possible disciplinary actions.
  • Get feedback from groups and summarise ideas.
  • Ask the students to create rules from the ideas.
  • Assign volunteers to design and print out the final contract and get all to sign.
  • Display in class.



See a useful video on how Classroom contracts (also called Social Contracts) can work effectively here:

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