Breakfast Around the World A2_Activity 1

Breakfast Around the World A2_Activity 1

Aim of Activity

10 -15-minutes

Checking understanding of the video and practising vocabulary .

Steps for Students

In this activity you will take part in a quiz! The quiz has 4 different topics and 4 different levels. Help your team win!

You will hear from your teacher:

  • Put the class in 2-5 teams. Let each team choose their name.
  • Go to
    Use the virtual dice to define the order in which the teams will perform.
    (Alternative: Use a real dice or play ‘Rock, paper, scissors’.)
  • Go to :Breakfast Around the World_Activity 1
  • Add or remove a team if necessary – make a click on the plus or minus icon.
  • Write the team’s name in the respective box.
  • Play the game using the table.
    True or False column: Students say if the sentence is true or false.
    What’s in the picture? column: Students name the food in the picture.
    Read and guess column: Students name the defined food.
    Random question column: Students answer the question in their own words.
  • In each round, the team chooses one cell in the table, e.g. “True or False, 300”.
  • Click on the respective cell to present the question.
  • Have the team answer the question. Then click on the question to present the correct or a possible answer.
  • Assign points if the answer is correct, by clicking on the tick . Alternatively, subtract points by clicking on the cross.
  • Click on the correct answer to go back to the game.
  • Continue playing – the game is over when all the questions are answered or when the time limit is reached.


After each question you can have a discussion and some follow-up questions with the class.

Example: After answering a True or False question, ask the students why it is true/false and what they remember about it from the video.

In the game, if you click on the three dots in the bottom right corner, you can set a time limit for answering the questions. To do that, follow these steps:

  • click on the three dots
  • click on the clock (the first picture)
  • write down a number of seconds you’d like to assign (example: 30)
  • click on “OK”

Answers provided (in the game).