Breakfast Around the World A2_Activity 4

Breakfast Around the World A2_Activity 4

Aim of Activity

15 mins

Connecting topic to real life experience and revising the key phrases.

Steps for Students

  • Go to: Breakfast Around the World_Activity 4
  • You will watch a video of friends ordering food at a restaurant.
  • Listen carefully to what the people are ordering and which phrases they are using.
  • The video will stop after certain sentences. You will see a box with a sentence with gaps.
  • Try to remember what the people in the video said and try to fill in the gaps with the correct words.
  • Go to:Breakfast Around the World_Activity 4
  • Explain to the students that they are going to watch a video of a group of friends ordering food at a restaurant.
  • Tell the students that they have to listen carefully.
  • Play the video.
  • The video is going to stop after certain sentences. It will show a box with the previous sentence with gaps. The students will have to try to remember, what the correct sentence was and what words they have to put in the gaps.


You can play the full video (without the gap sentences) before doing the activity, so that the students have an idea of what they have to pay attention to while doing the activity.

The full video: Activity 4_full video

If the students are struggling, you can click on the light bulb in the top left corner. A box called “help” will appear. The students will be able to see the full phrases used in the video and the missing words (food and drinks). Remember that sometimes in the video they have to fill just parts of the full phrases in the gaps.

The phrases and words in the “help” box are NOT in order of the video.

Remind the students that “I will” can be shortened to “I’ll”, and “gonna” is a shortened and slang version of “going to”, as these phrases appear in the activity.

  1. I’ll start with the Carpacio and then I’ll have the grilled prawns.
  2. That sounds great, same for
  3. Yeah, I’ll have the Thai chicken pizza.
  4. Okay, I will have the side
  5. Why don’t you just put it right here, next to my water.
  6. I’m gonna have a cup of the cucumber
  7. I will have the Cajun catfish.