Breakfast Around the World A2_Activity 5

Breakfast Around the World A2_Activity 5

Aim of Activity

20 - 30 minutes

Engaging creatively with the language and revising vocabulary.

Steps for Students

  • Go to:  Breakfast Around the World_Activity 5_video:
  • Mute the video
  • You will create your own conversation that will match the video – your own dabbing of this scene.
  • You will work together with a partner or with a team.
  • Choose your character from the video.
  • Write your script down.
  • You can be creative, but use the phrases that you learnt in this lesson.
  • Try to memorise the script or record an audio.
  • Share your work with the class.
  • Share this video with the students: Breakfast Around the World_Activity 5_video
  • Mute the video.
  • Put the students in pairs or groups
  • Explain to the students that they need to create a new conversation, which will match the video – they will create their own dabbing of this scene.
  • Give the students some time to prepare their script.
  • The students should write the script down and work as a team. They can either try to practise it and read it to the class or they can record an audio.
  • They should be using the phrases learnt in this lesson but they can change what the people order and the rest of the conversation.
  • ake sure you give the students access to the muted video so that they can practise reading or recording the audio in a way that matches the scene.
  • Have the students share their work with the class.


This task would be best done in a computer room, where students would have the access to the video and could replay it as many times as possible.

They might also need some devices that will allow them to record an audio (phones, tables, computers, headphones, etc.).

You can put the students in groups of 6, so that each student has a different character – there are 5 friends at the table and a waiter.

You can also put them in smaller groups or pairs. In this case, some students will have to read or record multiple characters.

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