Cool School A0 – Activity 1

Cool School A0 – Activity 1

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 minutes

To check understanding of the animation.

Steps for Students

  1. Listen to the teacher and look at the pictures ACTIVITY 1
  2. Are the sentences true or false?
  3. If a sentence is false, what is the correct answer?

Click on the link: ACTIVITY 1

Students can answer the questions by:

  • saying ‘TRUE’ or ‘FALSE’
  • standing up if it’s TRUE and sit down if it’s FALSE
  • moving left if it’s TRUE and right if it’s FALSE

For online classes the Teacher can use the emoji function to correct


  1. His name is Bill.
  2. This is his teacher.
  3. There is a new student in his class.
  4. Will doesn’t like spaceships.
  5. Will goes to school by train.
  6. Will loves school.
  7. This is a school of fish.
  8. The students are not robots.
  9. Their teacher can dance well.
  10. In their school they can have fun.



This activity could be done before the video is played or as a follow up activity.

  1. FALSE – His name is Will.
  2. TRUE – His teacher is a Panda called Mr. Boo or ‘Boosty’.
  3. TRUE – the girl is new to the school.
  4. FALSE – He says ‘spaceships are cool’
  5. FALSE – Will goes to school by bus ( Does he drive the bus???)
  6. FALSE – Will doesn’t like school because he thinks it isn’t cool and there are too many rules.
  7. TRUE – a group of fish is called a ‘school’ in English!
  8. TRUE – but their teacher thinks they should obey him like robots!
  9. TRUE – Mr Boo (Boosty) is a good dancer! (Is he a good teacher????)
  10. TRUE – Cool School is a funny school!