Cool School A1 – Activity 2

Cool School A1 – Activity 2

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 minutes

Target language reinforcement to provide students with a controlled practice of ‘can you..?’ question forms.

Steps for Students

  1. Click on the link: ACTIVITY 2
  2. Spin the wheel.
  3. Ask someone in your group/class the question.
  4. Can he/she do it?
  5. When they have finished answering, eliminate the question and move on to the next question.

Click on: ACTIVITY 2

Online lesson:

  • The teacher can share her/his screen with the link to the activity or students can play together in breakout rooms.


  1. Click on the link.
  2. Spin the wheel.
  3. Students must nominate another student and ask them the question.
  4. The nominated student must demonstrate by doing the action or miming the action.



  • Listen for correct pronunciation of target language.
  • Are they using correct question forms?
  • Teacher can get feedback from groups and class:
    • Can he/she dance?
    • Can he/she dance well?

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