Cool School A1 – Activity 4

Cool School A1 – Activity 4

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 minutes

To connect topic to real life experience and introduce ‘have to’ rules for school.

Steps for Students

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the PIN number.
  3. Enter your name.
  4. Play the quiz.
  5. Select the correct answer.
  6. Who is the winner?


Click the link: ACTIVITY 4

Kahoot – Rules in Mr Boo’s School:

  1. Create a free KAHOOT account or login if you are already a member.
  2. You will need 2 devices (students will need tablets/mobile phones or computers).
  3. Play as a ‘Guest’.
  4. Students enter the game from the second device by going to the Kahoot website and entering the PIN code.
  5. Class can play as Teams if you have 4 tablets or mobile phones.
  6. Whole class can also play together as a Team/one player.



Flashcards available for pre-teaching: FLASHCARDS

Answers are provided