How I Stay Healthy A2 – Activity 1

How I Stay Healthy A2 – Activity 1

Aim of Activity

15 minutes

To check students’ understanding of the video, sensitise students to the lexical set relating to staying healthy (focus on collocation), and develop their speaking skills by getting them to provide full/extended answers to comprehension questions. 

Steps for Students

Activity 1a 

Click the link: Activity 1a

  1. In pairs or small groups, remember what you know about Bella, Kelly and Tim from the video.  
  2. Decide if the statements are true or false. Provide more information if the statements are true. Correct the false statements.  


Activity 1b 

Click the link: Activity 1b

  1. Words in English often go together, they come in pairs (collocations).  
    • Do you remember these words from the video – boost, strengthen, lose, feel, stay, out of 
    • Do you remember the ‘pair’ for the verb boost? (A: boost your energy).  
    • What is the synonym of ‘boost? (A: improve). 
  2. You are now going to match more word pairs (collocations) from the video.  

There are 2 activities focussing on: 

  • general comprehension of the text (1a)  
  • listening for detail (1b) 

Both activities can be run individually, in small groups or as a whole class.  

Activity 1a – True/False  

Click the link: Activity 1a

  1. Students decide if the statement is true or false.   
  2. Encourage students to provide full, not one-word, answers. Get students to correct all the false statements.   
Activity 1b – Matching (collocations) 

Click the link: Activity 1b

  1. Students identify collocations related to staying healthy. 


📍Before students start the activity, get them to remember some of the collocations used in the video. Write on the board:

boost, strengthen, lose, feel, stay, out of

📍Elicit ‘boost your energy’. Elicit the synonym of boost.  

📍Explain students will now be looking for more word pairs (collocations) related to staying healthy. 

Activity 1a 
  • Kelly is late because there was a problem with the train. (F) A: problem with the bus 
  • Kelly is not very fit. (T) key words- out of shape 
  • Tom is always in a hurry in the morning. (F) A: Bella is in a hurry.  
  • If she doesn’t feel tired, Bella sometimes does yoga in the afternoon. (F) A: she dances 
  • Tom prefers walking to dancing. (T) 
  • Kelly walks to school every day. (F) A: Tom walks to school 
  • Tom walks to school twice a week. (F) A: every day 
  • Bella would like to try a breathing exercise to boost her energy. (T) key words: I’ll give it a go.  
  • Walking doesn’t have many benefits. (F) A: boosts energy; increases concentration; helps to stay fit; helps to lose weight; strengthens muscles; improve heart health; helps to sleep better, etc.
    📍Elicit the key vocabulary when discussing.


Activity 1b (collocations) 
  • Boost concentration 
  • Strengthen muscles 
  • Stay fit 
  • Lose weight 
  • Feel exhausted 
  • Out of shape