How I Stay Healthy A2 – Activity 3

How I Stay Healthy A2 – Activity 3

Aim of Activity

15 minutes

This activity has been designed to help students better pronounce long and short vowels (/u:/ and /u/).

Steps for Students

  1. Click the link: Activity 3
  2. Click on the cards to hear how each word is pronounced. Click on each card as many times as you need and repeat. Listen out for the /u/ sound pronunciation- sometimes it is a short /u/, sometimes it is a long /u:/. 
  3.  Drag and drop each card to match the correct category according to how the sound /u/ is pronounced. 
  1. Click the link: Activity 3
  2. This is sorting task. Students put words in the right category (long and short /u/). 
  3. Students click on each word to hear it pronounced and drag and drop each card into the correct pronunciation box.  
  4. Encourage students to repeat the words as many times as they need to.  
  5. This task can be done individually or in pairs. It is important that there is a feedback session after students have drilled the target language in pairs (a whole class drilling activity conducted by the teacher.)