How I Stay Healthy A2 – Activity 5

How I Stay Healthy A2 – Activity 5

Aim of Activity

60 minutes

To help students in integrating speaking skills and life competences, including collaboration, teamwork, negotiation, creativity and critical thinking, as well as practise and personalise the target language in the context of staying healthy tips for teenagers, and developing presentation skills.

Steps for Students

Activity 5a 

You are going to play a game. In small groups, you will need to make If sentences from random clues. You will need to use your imagination and humour ;=) 

Your teacher will give you time to prepare your sentence in your group before you share your ideas with other teams. All teams will then decide on the best and/or the most interesting answer.  

Activity 5b 
  1. You are going to work in small groups to design a short guide to help teenagers stay healthy.
  2. Before you start working on your own guide, remember some of the ideas discussed in Activity 5a and also all the previous activities in this Module. 

Click the link: Activity 5

Activity 5a 

This game would best be played as a whole class. The aim is to help students generate more ideas and language for the follow up project work.  

  1. Divide students into groups and explain that students will have to make sentences from random clues.  
  2. 📍Demonstrate how to play the game.  
    • Step 1: Click on the blue arrow on the right to spin the randomizer.  
    • Step 2: Use the Who/What/When/Where clues to make the first clause of your ‘If’ statement:
      If Bella eats a lot of chocolate late in the evening outside, …
    • Step 3: Finish the sentence with your own idea:
      She will soon put on weight

📍Turn it into a competition: the most interesting sentence is the winner. Encourage students to be humorous and creative. Remind students that they have to be careful how they use the tenses in ‘If’ statements.  


Activity 5b
  1. Regroup students and ask them to create a ‘Short Guide to staying healthy – Tips for Teens by Teens’.  
  2. 📍Get students to brainstorm all the different ideas about staying healthy discussed and practised in the previous 4 activities. Using those ideas and adding their own ideas, students create a short guide to staying healthy.