How many A0 – Activity 2

How many A0 – Activity 2

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 minutes

To review the target language, the use of have/has got, from the video. 

Steps for Students

  1. Work in pairs or small groups.
  2. Look at the sentences and choose the correct answer.
  3. Answer the questions with your partner(s). 
  4. Go to: Activity 2
  1. Put learners in pairs or groups.
  2. Share the task with the learners.
  3. Ask the learners to complete the questions by choosing the correct option.
  4. Ask the learners to answer the questions.
  5. Check the answers with the whole class. 


Face-to-face class:
Use a projector to do the task as a whole class activity OR
Provide tablets for groups of learners to do the task in groups. 

Online lesson:
Use a computer to share the task online – by clicking the link:  Activity 2


Encourage the learners to answer the questions in full sentences. 

Note that it is possible to switch templates using the same content by clicking one of the templates (e.g. Quiz, Gameshow Quiz, Maze chase) on the right of the screen. 

  1. How many balls have you got?
  2. How many balls has your best friend got?
  3. How many bags have you got?
  4. How many bags has your mum got?
  5. How many friends have you got?
  6. How many friends has Lisa got at the party? (ten / a lot)
  7. How many chairs have you got in your house?
  8. How many chairs has Lisa got in the garden? (ten, 3 red, 4 yellow, 3 blue)
  9. How many pens have you got?
  10. How many pens has your best friend got?