How many A0 – Activity 4

How many A0 – Activity 4

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 minutes

To sensitise learners to the correct pronunciation of the final -s in plural nouns and practise this in speaking in the form of an information gap activity. 


Steps for Students

Go to: Activity 4

Step 1: Group the words into three categories, /s/ /z/ or /ɪz/. 

Step 2: Listen and check your answers. 

Step 3: Listen and repeat the words. 

  1. Show learners three words: guests, chairs, glasses and ask them to say the words to find out what difference they hear in the way the final –s is pronounced 
  2. Draw their attention to the fact that the final –s can be pronounced /s/ /z/ or /ɪz/ – e.g.: guests /s/, chairs /z/, glasses /ɪz/ 
  3. Open the link: Activity 4 and ask learners to groups the words into three categories, /s/ /z/ or /ɪz/, depending on the pronunciation of the final –s 
  4. Check the answers by playing the audio recording


  5. Play the recording again for students to listen to and repeat the words 

/s/ – guests, plates, gifts, forks 

/z/ – chairs, toys, balls, candles 

/ɪz/ – glasses, boxes, bushes, watches