How many A0 – Activity 5

How many A0 – Activity 5

Aim of Activity

10 - 20 minutes

To provide learners with the opportunity to use the target language in the context of finding differences between two pictures, based on the video learners watched. 

Steps for Students

  1. Work in pairs.
  2. Look at your picture, but do not show it to your partner.
    Your picture is different from your partner’s.
  3. Ask and answer questions to find differences.


A: How many trees have you got in your picture?
B:  I’ve got two trees in the garden. And you? 
A: I’ve got one tree in the garden. 


  1. Put learners in pairs (Student A and Student B)
  2. Cut the Activity 5 WORKSHEET in half, give one learner worksheet for STUDENT A and the other one workshee for STUDENT B
  3.  Encourage learners not to show their image to each other.
  4. Ask learners to find differences between their images by asking and answering questions with ‘how many’ as demonstrated on the worksheets.
  5. Check the answers with the whole class. 


Pre-teach any vocabulary if relevant to learners. 

Words used in the activity: guest, boy, girl, cap, gift, tree, candle, cake, pizza box, glass, plate, fork, bottle, table, chair, ball, toy 

The differences: 

  Picture A  Picture B 
trees  1  2 
balls  1  3 
caps  3  4 
pizza boxes  6  12 
plates  3  5 
candles  3  7 
chair  3  4 

Activity attachment

How many A0 – Activity 5