How Many A1 – Activity 3

How Many A1 – Activity 3

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 minutes

To model how to describe items in a bag through a listening activity and then get learners to talk about the content of their own school bag to use the target language in a real-life context.  

Steps for Students

  1. Listen to and draw what Lisa has got in her bag.
  2. Work in pairs.  
  3. Student A: Tell your classmate what you have got in your bag and how many. 
    Student B: Listen to your classmate. Draw or write down what your partner has got in heir school bag.
  4. Change roles. 

Ask the learners to listen to and draw what Lisa has got in her bag. 

  • Variation: Learners can listen to and write down (instead of drawing) what Lisa has got in her bag.


Ask the learners to work in pairs and tell each other what they have got in their bag. Ask the learners to take notes of what their partner is saying. 


Encourage learners to use simple adjectives e.g. big, large, small, short, long and colours, when describing objects. 

During the speaking activity, monitor the learners and take notes of common errors for error correction right after the activity or at the beginning of the next lesson. 

After the activity, the teacher can nominate some of the learners to share with the class what they have learnt about their partner. 

As a follow-up activity, learners can describe what their partner has got in their bag in writing as their homework. 


I’ve got a big bag and I’ve got a lot of things in it. 

I’ve got a small black mobile phone. It was a birthday gift from my parents. 

I like colours so I’ve got eleven pencils – a yellow pencil, a blue pencil, two red pencils, three black pencils and four green pencils. 

I’ve also got three pens in my bag – a black pen, and two blue pens. 

I’ve got a new cap in my bag. I love caps. I have a beautiful blue cap, but it’s at home. In my bag, I have a small red cap. 

Answer: a (small black) mobile phone, 5 pencils (a yellow, a red and 3 green), 3 pens (a black, 2 blue), a red cap