How Many A1 – Activity 5

How Many A1 – Activity 5

Aim of Activity

15 - 20 minutes

To revise the use of have/has got by answering questions about the learners’ school, class, teachers and classmates.

Steps for Students

  1. Open the link:  Activity 5
  2. Work in groups.
  3. Choose a name for your group.
  4. Choose a column, A, B, C or D.
  5. Choose a box with a question (from 100 as the easiest to 500 as the most challenging).
  6. Your group has got 30 seconds to answer a question. 
  1. Divide the class into groups for the learners to work in teams. 
    •  Note that it is possible to add or remove teams be clicking the + or – sign left to the table. Alternatively, in a face-to-face class, the scorescan be written on the whiteboard.
    • The learners can be asked to choose a name for their team (to make it easier to keep the scores). 
  2. Decide with the learners in what order the teams are going to play. 
  3. Ask Team 1 to choose any box with a number on it. (from Columns A, B, C or D and from 100 to 500; questions worth 100 points are the easiest and the ones for 500 are the most challenging) 
  4. To reveal the questions click the box. 
  5. Set a time limit of e.g. 30 seconds to answer a question. 
    • Only the team choosing the question can answer it in the 30 seconds.
    • After Team 1 has answered the question, move on to Team 2, then to Team 3, etc. 


Face-to-face class:  

Use a projector to do the task as a whole class activity  

Online lesson: 

Use a computer to share the task online by clicking the link: Activity 5


To make the game more exciting, tell the learners that: 

  • each correct answer is worth the points indicated on the box.
  • each incorrect answer means that the number of points thequestion is worth is deducted from the total.
  • if the group is not certain about the answer, they can choose not to answer the question and get 0 points.
  • if a group gives an incorrect answer or does not answer the question, any other group can answer it. 

Encourage the learners to work together as a group and discuss the answers first.