I was so busy yesterday A0 – Activity 1

I was so busy yesterday A0 – Activity 1

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 minutes

To check learners’ understanding of the video. 

Steps for Students

  • Work in pairs or small groups. 
  • Read the sentences. 
  • Are the sentences true or false?
  • If a sentence is false, what the correct answer is. Talk to your partner(s). 
  • Put learners in pairs or groups. 
  • Share the task with the learners. 
  • Ask the learners to read the sentences and decide if they are true or false. 
  • If a sentence is false, ask the learners to correct it. 
  • Check the answers with the whole class. 


Face-to-face class:  

  • Use a projector to do the task as a whole class activity OR 
  • Provide tablets for groups of learners to do the task in groups. 


Online lesson: 

  • Use a computer to share the task online (by clicking the link:  ACTIVITY 1)



  • If needed, watch the video again. 
  • To make the activity more communicative, encourage the learners to discuss the answers before clicking the true or false button.
  • In an online class, learners can share their answers in the chatroom before the teacher reveals the answer on the screen. 


  1. Mandy cooked dinner with her mum. – False (She cooked lunch.) 
  2. Mandy was at home yesterday. – True 
  3. Lisa went to the zoo yesterday. – True 
  4. Will and Mike had pasta for lunch. – False (They had pizza.) 
  5. Will played with Mike yesterday. – False (Will said that he played with Mike, but he just invented the story.) 
  6. Mike has got a dog. – False 
  7. Mike was at home yesterday. – True