I was so busy yesterday A0 – Activity 4

I was so busy yesterday A0 – Activity 4

Aim of Activity

10 minutes

To raise learners’ awareness of the pronunciation of verbs ending in-ed. 

Steps for Students

1. Look and listen to Teacher Mr. Boo’s pronunciation class.
2. Each picture has an ‘ed’ word. Can you guess what it is?
3. Listen and repeat the sound and say the sentence.
4. Can you hear what Mr Boo says?

1. You will need a shared device with good audio to view the Powerpoint which you should download (see attachment)
2. Explain to the students that a new Teacher Mr Boo is going to give them a pronunciation class.
3. They must listen to the ‘ed’ sounds and repeat them.
4. This can be done (loudly/quietly/slowly/quickly). Can they repeat everything they hear?

1./d//d/ cleaned, cleaned, my friend cleaned her house.
2. /d//d/ played, played, she played her little guitar.
3. /d/ /d/ studied, studied, the students studied hard
4. /d/ /d/ ironed, ironed, she ironed the red shirt.
5. /id//id/ melted, melted, oh no! my ice cream melted
6. /t//t/ talked, talked, he talked for a very long time.
7. /t//t/ brushed, brushed, he brushed his teeth.
8. /t//t/ walked, walked, he walked the dog around the house
9. /t//t/ asked, asked, they asked many questions.
10. /t//t/ watched, watched, they watched their favouriteprogramme on TV

Activity attachment

I was so busy yesterday A0 – Activity 4