I was so busy yesterday A0 – Activity 5

I was so busy yesterday A0 – Activity 5

Aim of Activity

15 - 20 minutes

To provide learners with a freer practice of the use of regular past verbs in the context of talking about last Saturday. 

Steps for Students

Given on the worksheet. 

  1. Put learners in pairs. 
  2. Share the task with the learners. 
  3. Ask the learners to work in pairs and say what Boosty did and didn’t do last Saturday with the help of the table given. 
  4. Check the answers with the whole class. 
  5. Ask the learners to discuss in pairs what they did (and didn’t) do last Saturday using the ideas given in a word cloud. 
  6. Check the task with the whole class. 


Face-to-face class: 

  • print the worksheet for learners or project it on an interactive whiteboard 


Online class: 

  1. share the worksheet on the screen of the teachers’ computer OR 
  2. share the worksheet with individual students e.g. on a Google Drive



Demonstrate the activity by doing the first example about Boosty together and then let the learners do the activity in pairs in speaking. 

During the activity, 

  1. the learners can talk to two or three other learners about their day last Saturday.
  2. ask the learners to pay attention to their partner’s answers.
  3. monitor the learners and take notes of common errors for error correction right after the activity or at the beginning of the next lesson. 

At feedback stage, nominate learners to share with the whole class what they learnt about their partner. 

As a follow-up activity, learners can be asked to write down what Boosty, themselves or their partner did last Saturday as part of their homework. 

Possible answers

  • Boosty listened to music.
  • Boosty didn’t clean the bedroom.
  • Boosty watched TV.
  • Boosty played football.
  • Boosty didn’t play tennis.
  • Boosty phoned a friend.
  • Boosty climbed a tree.
  • Bosty didn’t play with a friend.
  • Boosty surfed the Net.

Activity attachment

I was so busy yesterday A0 – Activity 5