I was so busy yesterday A1 – Activity 2

I was so busy yesterday A1 – Activity 2

Aim of Activity

10 - 20 minutes

To provide learners with controlled practice of recognising irregular past verb forms. 

Steps for Students

1: Open this link ACTIVITY 2
2: Click start
3: Hit the moles that say words in past simple by clicking on them
4: Avoid clicking on moles that say words in present tense

  1. Put learners in pairs or groups. 
  2. Use a computer or a projector to show the learners the task: ACTIVITY 2
  3. Teach the learners that the animals they can see are called moles. 
  4. Ask the learners to click the moles that are Past Simple. 
  5. Check the answers with the whole class. 


Verbs in the task: 

be/was-were, buy/bought, come/came, do/did, drink/drank, eat/ate, fall/fell, get/got, go/went, have/had, know/knew, leave/left, make/made,sleep/slept, spend/spent, take/took, swim/swam, tell/told, understand/understood, wake/woke, write/wrote 



  • Demonstrate the activity, by doing the first example together with the learners. 
  • During the activity, set the learners a time limit (e.g. 5 minutes) to play the game. 
  • After the doing the activity online: 
    1. The learners can be asked to list the base form and past form of the irregular verbs they remember from the task in writing.  
    2. This can be done as pair or small group work in the form of a competition to find out who remembers most verb forms. 
    3. The learners can be asked to formulate and say as many sentences as they can using the irregular past verb forms from the activity. A time limit of e.g., 3 minutes can be set for the activity. 
  • Note that it is possible to switch templates using the same content by clicking one of the templates (e.g. Airplane) on the right of the screen.