I was so busy yesterday A1 – Activity 4

I was so busy yesterday A1 – Activity 4

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 minutes

To sensitise learners to the pronunciation of verbs ending in-ed. 

Steps for Students

  1. Look at the verbs from the video.

  2. Divide the verbs into three groups. Do you hear /t/, /d/ or /ɪd/?

  3. Listen to the recording and check your answers.

  4. Listen to the recording and repeat what you hear. 
  1. Show the learners three words: cooked, loved, started
  2. Pronounce the verbs and ask if the learners can hear the difference in how the –ed ending is pronounced. Point out the difference:
                    /t/           /d/           /ɪd/
            cooked      loved      started
  3. Share the task with the learners.
  4. Ask the learners to group the remaining verbs. 
  5. Play the recording so the learners can check their answers and make corrections if needed. 


  6. Play the recording again and ask the learners to repeat what they hear.
  7. Optional: Ask the learners if they can add more verbs to the three groups. 
  8. Use a computer or a projector to show the learners the task: ACTIVITY 4


  • Demonstrate the activity by doing the first example together – cooked, loved, started 
  • Then let the learners do the activity by themselves working individually on their mobile devices, in pairs or small groups on  tablets or as a whole class using an interactive whiteboard. 
  • Allow learners time to check answers in pair or cross check between small groups before whole class feedback. 

/t/ – cooked, jumped, walked (+ washed, watched, looked) 

/d/ – loved, opened, played, saved, stayed (+ closed, called, cleaned) 

/ɪd/ – started, visited (+ needed, decided)