I was so busy yesterday A1 – Activity 5

I was so busy yesterday A1 – Activity 5

Aim of Activity

10 minutes

To provide learners controlled practice of was / were. 

Steps for Students

  1. Work in pairs, small groups or as a whole class. 
  2. Go to www.kahoot.com
  3. Log in / sign up for a free Kahoot! account
  4. Enter the Game PIN you see on your teacher’s computer screen. 
  5. Choose your game name. 
  6. Look at the pictures and choose the best answer that describes the picture. 
  7. Ask and answer your classmates the last question. 
  1. Put the learners in pairs or small groups or use the activity as a whole class activity (as a Team/one player). 
  2. Create a free account with Kahoot or log in if you are already a member
  3. Use a computer or a projector to show the learners the task (by clicking the link: ACTIVITY 5
  4. Play the game as a ‘Guest’. – To move from one question to the other, click ‘NEXT’ in the top  right-hand corner of the screen. 
  5. Learners will need another computer, mobile phone or tablet.
  6. Learners can enter the game from the second device by going to the Kahoot website (https://kahoot.it) and entering the Game PIN (displayed on the teacher’s screen).
  7. The class can play as teams if there are enough tablets or mobile phones for small groups of learners. 
  8.  Ask learners to ask and answer 3-4 of their classmates the last question in the activity and report to the teacher what they have learnt about each other. 


  • Allow learners time to cross check answers between pairs or small groups before whole class feedback. 
  • After doing the activity, learners can be asked to say or write as many sentences as they remember from the activity. 
  1. Yesterday he was at an Italian restaurant. 
  2. Yesterday they weren’t at the park. 
  3. Yesterday they weren’t at school. 
  4. She was at the pool with her family. 
  5. They were in a tree. 
  6. He was in bed yesterday. 
  7. He wasn’t at home yesterday. 
  8. He was at the supermarket yesterday. 
  9. She wasn’t at the hairdresser’s yesterday. 
  10. Where were you yesterday?