I’m Hungry A0 – Activity 1

I’m Hungry A0 – Activity 1

Aim of Activity

15 minutes

Checking understanding of the video and revising vocabulary.

Steps for Students

Open the Escape game link and start the game.

  1. Listen to your teacher explain the game.
  2. Follow the slides and choose the correct answer.
  3. Write down or draw your answer.
  4. Listen to the part of the video the teacher plays to you.

You will need: small board for each student , felt tip pen, internet connection, a projector, speakers

  1. Open the Escape game link and start the game.
  2. Explain the game to your students.
  3. There are 5 questions based on the lesson video.
  4. Read the instructions and questions to your students.
  5. After each slide, let your students write down or draw their answers on a small board or a piece of paper and check the correct answer by clicking the answer link on the “good job slide” to play the video. Stops the video right after the correct answer is said.
  1. to the shop
  2. they are too sour
  3. it’s not a good snack
  4. a chocolate milk and a sandwich
  5. a ham, bacon, cheese and vegetable sandwich