Jobs in your Free Time A2 – Activity 2

Jobs in your Free Time A2 – Activity 2

Aim of Activity

30 minutes
Activity 2a (mini-activity) – Language presentation 

To introduce the examples of the target language presented in the video (talking about plan& asking for and offering advice), as well as to elicit and clarify the meaning and the form of the target language.


Activity 2b – Language practice 

To help students practise the language for asking for and giving advice.

Steps for Students

Activity 2a 
  1. In pairs or small groups, decide which of the phrases on the left are used to talk about your plans and which are used to ask for and give advice.
  2. Drag and drop the cards into the right category.
  3. Repeat after the audio.  
Activity 2b 

You are going to play a game. You will be asking for and giving advice about finding the best summer job to match your strengths. 

  1. Spin the wheel and using the ideas provided.
  2. Explain what your strengths are and that you are looking for a summer job.
  3. Then ask for advice.  
Activity 2a (mini-activity) – Language presentation 

This activity aims to introduce the target structures via examples from the video. 

The focus of the task is to elicit and clarify the meaning of the target language (Talking about plans and asking for and giving advice). 

Click the link: Activity 2a

  1. 📍Get students to complete Activity 2a by sorting the ten examples from the video. Elicit and clarify the form:
    I’m thinking of + ing
    How about + ing
    Modal verbs should/could + bare infinitive
    If I were you, I would… 
  2. 📍Get students to repeat the phrases after the audio.  
Activity 2b – Language practice 

This activity helps students practise asking for and giving advice. 

  • This activity could be run in small groups or as a whole class. It can be easily turned into a competition. 
  • 📍Explain that students will now play a ‘Spin the wheel’ game and they will be asking for and offering advice. Make sure students can see the pdf copy of Activity 2a for their reference.  
  • Demonstrate the task:  
    1. Click the link: Activity 2b
    2. Click on the Fullscreen button on the bottom of the page
    3. Spin the wheel 
    4. Use the cues to ask for advice (e.g. I’m thinking of looking for a summer job. I’m computer literate and shy. What job would look for if you were me?) 
    5. Nominate a strong student to give you advice (e.g. If I were you, I’d look for a ….; How about looking for a …; etc.) 
    6. Encourage students to refer back to the pdf copy and use different phrases to talk about plans, ask for and give advice.  
Activity 2a 

Activity 2b 
  • computer literate/shy/speak good English
  • sociable/friendly/like children
  • willing to work weekends/like swimming
  • pleasant personality/like books
  • don’t like monotonous work/friendly
  • don’t like staying indoors/like sports
  • like cooking/has a lot of energy
  • good people skills/like to help people
  • like nature/like staying outdoors/shy

Activity attachment

Jobs in your Free Time- Activity 2a-worksheet-A2