Jobs in your Free Time A2 – Activity 5

Jobs in your Free Time A2 – Activity 5

Aim of Activity

45 minutes

To help students in  integrating speaking skills and life competences, including collaboration, teamwork, negotiation and critical thinking; practise and personalise the target language in the context of finding a summer job for teenagers, ultimately aiming to develop their presentation skills.

Steps for Students

  1. Look at the summer job ads (JOBS FOR TEENS POSTER) and decide which job would best match your strengths.
  2. Explain why. Would you like to do this job? 
  3. In small groups, imagine that you have your own company and you are looking for a teenager who could do a summer job in your company.
  4. Design a job add that would attract teenagers.  
  1. Show the class the JOBS FOR TEENS POSTER
  2. In groups, students discuss which job would best fit them and match their strengths.  
  3. Explain that they will now have to imagine they have their own company and they are looking for a teenager to take up a summer post. The activity is to design a job add to advertise the post.  
  4. Once ready, groups present their job offers. The job that generates the most interest is the winner.  


Activity attachment

Jobs for Teens Poster