Jobs in your Free Time B1 – Activity 4

Jobs in your Free Time B1 – Activity 4

Aim of Activity

30 minutes

To help students be more aware of issues related to being a teen entrepreneur; develop their listening and speaking skills in the context of being a teen entrepreneur, and further practise the target language in this context.

Steps for Students

Click the link: Activity 4

Watch the video and answer the questions:  

  1. What does Thomas do? How has he become a billionaire?  
  2. What plans does he have for the summer? 
  3. Where did Thomas learn coding?  
  4. What is special and unique about the Incubatorschool? 
  5. Who is Kiowa Kavovit? What is special about her? 
  1. Start by asking students if they have ever considered being a teen entrepreneur. Ask why/why not. Ask what advice they would give to other teens planning to be one.  
  2. Click the link: Activity 4
  3. Play the video and get students to answer the questions.  
  4. Have a whole class discussion about the benefits of being a teen entrepreneur and how difficult it may be to become one.   
  1. Creates and sells apps for smartphones in google glass.
  2. He wants to revolutionise the 3D printing technology.
  3. He is self-taught.
  4. The school is trying to create entrepreneurs starting from age 11.
  5. She is the youngest entrepreneur at the age of 7.