Move your Body with me A0 – Activity 5

Move your Body with me A0 – Activity 5

Aim of Activity

20 minutes

To helps learner review and practice the language they learned in the video and previous lessons, learn new vocabulary related to body parts and movements, work collaboratively with their classmates, and create their own “I can…” statements using the target language. 

Steps for Students

  1. Choose a category
  2. Choose a question (easiest- 100 points, most difficult- 500 points)
  3. You have 30 seconds to think how to demonstrate the ‘I can…’ movement.
  4. Now demonstrate the ‘I can..’ movement.

The game should be played as a whole class. It is very important that students understand that they work as a team, not individually.  

  1. Click this link to start the activity: ACTIVITY 5
  2. Put students in 4 or 3 teams and explain the rules of the game:
    Each team picks a category and then a question from 100 to 500 points. Make sure students understand that these are in order of difficulty (most difficult-500 points, easiest- 100 points). 
  3. You can add / remove teams by clicking on the + or – buttons under the team boxes, and change the teams’ names.
  4. The teacher reveals the question and the group has 30 seconds to discuss how to demonstrate the ‘I can…’ statement (g. Bend your leg at your knee).
  5. After 30 seconds, each student in the team must demonstrate the ‘I can…’ movement.  
  6. If the demonstration is incorrect, another team can score points by demonstrating the movement correctly.

As a follow-up, regroup students and ask the new teams to create their own instructions to continue playing the game.  

The teacher could quickly transfer students’ I can… statements on to Flippity and continue playing the game via flippity.   


The game introduces new vocabulary:  

lips, thumb, knee, ankle 

once, twice, three times 

hop, wiggle, cover, rub