Move your Body with me A1 – Activity 5

Move your Body with me A1 – Activity 5

Aim of Activity

30 minutes

To practise the target language in the context of their own fitness club. 


Steps for Students

  1. In groups of 4, imagine that you have your own fitness club.
  2. Decide what name you would like your fitness club to have.  
  3. Prepare some activities you would like people in your fitness club to do (e.g. Shake your head. Bend your elbow. Walk on your…, etc). Think of some fun activities to do, for example, Can you cover your ears with your toes?
  4. You are going to be a fitness instructor and you will ask other students if they can do your activities.  

Before you start, download the WORKSHEET below.

Before students start working on their own set of activities… 

  1. review the verb + noun phrases from the video and the previous activities in this lesson.  You can do it by displaying the word cloud on the screen for students to generate phrases by combining verbs, nouns and prepositions.
  2. You may want to teach/demonstrate a few more phrases students could use when working on the task, e.g:
    > Shake your head/legs/arms/body
    > Shrug your shoulders
    > Nod your head 
    > Bend your wrist up/down, etc
  3. get groups to think of the name for their fitness club


Students design a set of activities for their own fitness club, using the vocabulary they have learnt in the previous lessons. Encourage students to design some fun/impossible movements to add humour to the task (e.g. cover your eyes with your ears) 

Students share their set of activities and get other students to demonstrate them, mimicking a real fitness club. 


Activity attachment

Move your Body with me A1 – Activity 5