My Journey to School A0 – Activity 4

My Journey to School A0 – Activity 4

Aim of Activity

20 minutes

Practising creating sentences and questions with adverbs of frequency and question adverbs.

Steps for Students

Click the link: ACTIVITY 3

  1. Spin the wheel and make a sentence using the adverb it lands on. Write it down.
  2. Wait until everyone has their adverb.
  3. When the teacher spins and lands on your adverb, say your sentence aloud.
  4. Listen to your classmates’ sentences.

Students will make simple sentences using verbs from the spinner wheel and adverbs of frequency.  

  1. Open the link with the spinner wheel and project it for your class: ACTIVITY 3
  2. Ask a student to come and spin the wheel to get a verb. He/she should then sit down and think of a sentence using that verb and an adverb of frequency and write it down. Immediately after the first student gets his/her verb, another student should come and spin the wheel. This way all the students get their verbs and then have some time to make a sentence.
  3. When they have finished, the teacher spins the wheel and all the students who have made a sentence with that verb say their sentence aloud. The teacher then eliminates the verb by tapping “eliminate” under the wheel. In this way the verbs are not repeated
  4. Repeat the process until every student has had their turn. 

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