My Journey to School A0 – Activity 5

My Journey to School A0 – Activity 5

Aim of Activity

25 minutes

Engaging creatively with the language and revising the usage of question adverbs.

Steps for Students

  1. Write down the names of the students in your group in your questionnaire. 
  2. Start asking the three questions and writing down the answers. 
  3. When everyone has finished his/her questionnaire, finish the last part together.

Activity 1: Presentation of the “My favourite place” project to help students understand the task

  1. Open the PRESENTATION, ask students the questions on slides 2-21 and let them answer. 
  2. On slides 22 and 23, ask the children to move the pictures next to the sentences. 

Activity 2: “How do you get to school” questionnaire – higher level English.    

  1. Divide the pupils into groups according to the number of pupils (2,3,4 groups, up to 6 pupils in each group). 
  2. Hand out the questionnaires. 
  3. Have the pupils write the names of the children in their group, ask the questions, and write down the answers. Everyone asks everyone in their group the three questions on the questionnaire:  

How do you get to school?  

Who do you go to school with?  

How long does it take you to get to school?  

  1. When they have finished, everyone will do the summary in the second part of the questionnaire for their group and then the teacher will ask each group for their results and the students will write them down. 


QUESTIONNAIRE: to open the questionnaire, click on share (top right) – download  


Activity 2: “How do you get to school” questionnaire – lower-level English. 

If your students’ English is not so good, do the simpler questionnaires. There are two of them. In each, the pupils ask only one question and write down the names of their classmates according to their answers. In the last column they write the total. 


QUESTIONNAIRE 1 – Pupils ask the question HOW DO YOU GET TO SCHOOL? 

QUESTIONNAIRE 2 – Pupils ask the question WHO DO YOU GO TO SCHOOL WITH? 



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