My Journey to School A1 – Activity 1

My Journey to School A1 – Activity 1

Aim of Activity

10 minutes

To check understanding of the main ideas in the video by asking multiple choice WH- questions

Steps for Students

Click the link: ACTIVITY 1

  1. Get a Plickers Card from your teacher.
  2. Read the quiz question and answer it by turning your Plickers Card to the corresponding position of your answer (side with correct letter up).
  3. Wait for the teacher to scan your Card.

You’ll need a computer/tablet/mobile phone, internet connection, class projector

  1. Sign up to Plickers app using this link: STEP 1
  2. Add classess and students: STEP 2
  3. Create content by adding Sets: STEP 3
  4. Use the below link to get 2 sets of Follow up questions: STEP 4
  5. Print out Plickers cards: STEP 5
  6. Download the Plickers app to your phone and learn how to use it in the classroom: STEP 6  You must download the Plickers app to your phone because you will need it to scan students’ answers.



The Plickers Pack – My journey to School contains 2 sets of Follow up questions played in a row.

Follow up 1

  1. C: India, England, Italy
  2. B: She travels with her friends.
  3. A: She usually rides her bike.
  4. D: It is a special bus.
  5. A: It is a type of bicycle.


Follow up 2

  1. C: Kate
  2. B: Isabella
  3. B: When she is in a hurry.
  4. A: It is an international day at school.
  5. D: 45 minutes