My Worst Holiday Ever – A2 – Activity 2

My Worst Holiday Ever – A2 – Activity 2

Aim of Activity

30 mins

To provide students with a controlled practice of past simple question forms.

Steps for Students

  1. Find a photo of a holiday that you remember well.
  2. Watch the animation and write down any questions you hear about holidays.
  3. Interview a classmate and use the same questions.
  4. Report to the class about your classmate’s holiday.
  5. Your classmate will interview you too.
  1. Show the class a photo from a memorable holiday.
  2. Write ‘What/Where/Why/When/Who/How long and elicit some past simple questions from the class:
    e.g. What did you do? / Where did you go?
  3. Watch the animation again and ask them to write down any similar questions they hear.
  4. Ask the class to share a photo of a good or bad holiday they remember (this can be done online, or they can bring a photo to class the next day).
  5. Ask them to look at their partners photo and interview them about their holiday.
  6. At the end of the lesson, they must tell the class about their partner’s holiday.


Listen for correct pronunciation of target language.
Are they using correct question forms?
Are they giving full answers?

If the students prefer not to share personal photos, they can select one here:

Questions you could hear in the Animation:
How was your holiday?
What happened?
What time did your flight leave at?
What did you do?
Did you buy anything?
How long was your flight?