My Worst Holiday Ever – A2- Activity 3

My Worst Holiday Ever – A2- Activity 3

Aim of Activity

30 mins

To develop listening comprehension for travel.

Steps for Students

  1. Click on this link: Activity 3A
  2. Click on the audio to check pronunciation.
  3. Use the ‘match’ function to test yourself.
  4. Watch the animation again and write down any of these words.
  5. Click on this link: Activity 3B
  6. Listen to some travel announcements and try the online exercises.
  7. Work with your group to create your own online announcement. You can use the transcript to help you but you must change: Flight time/Flight number/Airports/Gate number
  1. Click on the link: Activity 3A
  2. Ask students to open the link on devices in groups or play together on an Interactive board.
  3. Use the ‘flashcard’ option to learn the pronunciation and check meaning of new vocabulary.
  4. Emphasise pronunciation and click the audio to check.
  5. Use the ‘match’ function as a quick follow up activity.
  6. Rewatch the animation and listen again for these words.
  7. Click on the link: Activity 3B
  8. Play the announcements and check understanding through the online exercises.
  9. Ask students to record their own announcements using the transcript + changing the: Flight time, Flight number, Airports, Gate number


A good recording device for announcements is

Answers provided.