My Worst Holiday Ever – B1- Activity 1

My Worst Holiday Ever – B1- Activity 1

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 mins

Follow up activity after watching Animation to check understanding.

Steps for Students

Step 1: Listen to the teacher and look at the pictures: Activity 1

Step 2: Are the sentences true or false?

Step 3: If a sentence is false, what is the correct answer?

  • Click on the link or download the flashcards (see attachment): Activity 1
  • Read following 15 sentences to your students
  • Studentscan say ‘TRUE’ or ‘FALSE’ or  students can stand up if it’s TRUE and sit down if it’s FALSE or students can move left if it’s TRUE and move right if it’s FALSE
  1. Violet lost her flight ticket.
  2. Her family were getting impatient waiting for her to find it.
  3. She found her passport in the secret pocket of her bag.
  4. Security was strict at the airport.
  5. They were waiting at the departure gate for a long time.
  6. Violet was walking around the airport shops as she was bored.
  7. Violet was snoring on the plane.
  8. Violet didn’t disturb the other passengers.
  9. It only rained once on their holiday.
  10. Violet spent most of the time in her hotel room with her little sister.
  11. Violet spent a lot of time texting her friend Tara on her holiday.
  12. Violet’s little sister dropped her phone in the bath.
  13. Violet got her phone repaired.
  14. Violet gave Tara a souvenir from her holiday.
  15. Violet had an amazing holiday.


This activity could be done before the video is played and as a follow up activity.

  1. FALSE – She has lost her passport.
  2. TRUE
  3. TRUE
  4. TRUE
  5. TRUE
  6. TRUE
  7. FALSE – the passengers next to her were snoring.
  8. FALSE – she tripped and fell
  9. FALSE – it rained constantly
  10. TRUE
  11. FALSE – Tara says ‘Why didn’t you text me?’
  12. FALSE – She dropped it down the toilet
  13. FALSE – but she needs to.
  14. FALSE – she left it on the plane.
  15. FALSE – she had the worst holiday ever.

Activity attachment

My Worst Holiday Ever_Flashcards_Activity 1