My Worst Holiday Ever – B1- Activity 3

My Worst Holiday Ever – B1- Activity 3

Aim of Activity

30 mins

To develop listening comprehension for travel.

Steps for Students

  1. Click on this link: Activity 3
  2. Watch a passenger checking in at an airport and listen carefully to what he and the airline staff say.
  3. Select the correct answer to the questions.
  4. Check your answers.
  5. Which ones are wrong? Listen again to check for the correct answer.
  6. With your partner create your own dialogue where one of you is a passenger and the other is airline staff.
  1. Click on the link: Activity 3
  2. Explain to the students that they need to watch and listen carefully to someone checking in at an airport. As they watch they will need to select the sentence that they hear.
  3. Before they do the activity, read the questions and multiple-choice answers together to check for any new vocabulary.
  4. After they have completed the activity and checked the answers, assign them into pairs to roleplay the dialogue with one student as airline staff and the other as a passenger.


Ideally students will work on their own devices in small groups on this activity.

Answers provided.