People I know A0 – Activity 1

People I know A0 – Activity 1

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 minutes

To check learners’ understanding of the video. 

Steps for Students

  1. Work in pairs.  
  2. Discuss what you remember about Lisa from the video. 
  3. Discuss what you remember about Boosty from the video. 
  1. Put learners in pairs. 
  2. Share the task with the learners. 
  3. Ask the learners to discuss what they remember about Lisa and Boosty from the video. 
  4. Check the activity with the whole class. 
  5. (Optional): Ask learners to work in pairs again so one learner can talk about what they remember about Lisa, while the  other learner can talk about Boosty. 


Face-to-face class: 

  • print worksheet for learners or project it on an interactive 
  • you’ll need a whiteboard 


Online class: 

  • share worksheet on the screen of the teacher’s computer OR 
  • share the worksheet with individual students e.g. on a Google Drive



  • Learners may need to watch the video more than once.  
  • Use the activity to assess how much the learners remember from the video according to their knowledge. Do not expect learners to remember all the pieces of information. 
  • To make the activity more communicative, encourage learners to give their answers in sentences.
What do you remember about Lisa? 


She’s 10. 

favourite subject:  

Her favourite subject is art. 


She is shy, but very friendly and clever. 

free time: 

She often takes photos and walks in the park after school. 


She’s tall and slim. She’s got long, brown hair and brown eyes. 

What do you remember about Boosty? 


He’s about twenty. 


He’s from China. 


He’s active and outgoing, but sometimes he is lazy. 

free time + interests:  

He loves climbing tress. He loves hip-hop and wants to be a singer. 


He’s short and chubby. He’s good-looking. 

Activity attachment

People I Know A0 Activity 1