People I know A0 – Activity 3

People I know A0 – Activity 3

Aim of Activity

5 - 10 minutes

To practise pronunciation by raising learners’ awareness of the rhythm and sentence stress in questions and get the learners ready for the following speaking activity in Activity 4. 

Steps for Students

Listen to and repeat the questions. Copy the rhythm.

  1. Play the recording for the learners to listen to and repeat. Ask the learners to copy the rhythm of the questions and sentence stress.
  2. Ask the learners to ask and answer the questions. 
  3. Check the activity with the whole class. 



  • The words stressed (which are usually longer and louder) can be highlighted on the board or screen as visual aid for the learners. (Underline the words or put a circle above the stressed words.

                                             O     O          O 

    How old are you? OR How old are you?

  • Focus learners’ attention to the short answers to Yes/No questions by eliciting the possible answers. 
    E.g.: Is your favourite subject English? 👍 Yes, it is. 👎 No, it isn`t.
    Are you good at maths? 👍 Yes, I am. 👎 No, I`m not. 
  1. How old are you? 
  2. Is your favourite subject English?  
  3. Is your favourite subject PE 
  4. Are you good at maths? 
  5. Are you good at English? 
  6. Are you good at PE?