People I know A0 – Activity 5

People I know A0 – Activity 5

Aim of Activity

15 - 20 minutes

To provide learners with an example of controlled practice as well as a freer practice activity in the context of asking and answering mainly Yes/No-questions to describe people. 

Steps for Students

  1. Work in pairs. 
  2. Match the questions with the answers. 
  3. Student A: Choose one of your classmates, but don’t tell Student B. 
  4. Student B: Ask questions to find out who Student A has chosen. (Use the questions and answers to help you.) 
  5. Student B: Choose one of your classmates, but don’t tell Student A. 
  6. Student A: Ask questions to find out who Student B has chosen. 
  7. Tell your teacher what your partner said. 
  1. Put learners in pairs. 
  2. Share the task with your learners. 
  3. Ask the learners to match questions and answers to provide them with a model for the following speaking activity. 
  4. Ask the learners to take it in turns to think of someone in class and find out who the person is by asking questions similar to the ones in the flippity Activity.  
  5. Check the answers with the whole class. 


 Face-to-face class:  

  • Use a projector to do the task (ACTIVITY 5 ) as a whole class activity OR tablets for groups of learners to do the task in groups 


Online lesson: 

  • Use a computer to share the task online: ACTIVITY 5 



  • Pre-teach `Try again. ` if learners are not familiar with it. 
  • Before the speaking activity, demonstrate the task by thinking of a learner in class and asking pupils to ask you questions to find out who the person is. 
  • During the speaking activity, monitor learners and take notes of  common errors for error correction right after the activity or at the beginning of the next lesson. 
  • After the activity, the teacher can nominate some of the learners to share with the class what they have learnt about their partner. 
  • As a follow-up activity, learners can describe one of their classmates in writing as their homework for the rest of the class to guess who it is in the following lesson.  

Flippity Activity: 

  1. Is it a boy or a girl? – It’s a boy.
  2. How old is he? – He’s 10.
  3. Is his favourite subject English? – Yes, it is.
  4. Is he good at music? – No, he isn’t.
  5. Is it Tom? – Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t. Try again.