People I know A1 – Activity 2

People I know A1 – Activity 2

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 minutes

To provide learners with controlled practice of asking and answering Whquestions. 

Steps for Students

  1. Work in pairs or small groups.
  2. Click the link your teacher has got.
  3. Put the words in the questions in the correct order.
  4. Write the correct questions in your notebook.
  5. Ask and answer the questions in pairs. 
  6. Tell your teacher what your partner said. 
  1. Put learners in pairs or small groups. 
  2. Share the task with the learners. 
  3. Ask the learners to reorder the words in the questions given and write them in their notebook.  
  4. Ask the learners to take it in turns to ask and answer the questions.  
  5. Check the activity with the whole class. 


Face-to-face class:  

  • Use a projector to do the task as a whole class activity OR 
  • Provide tablets for groups of learners to do the task in groups. 


Online lesson: 

  • Use a computer to share the task online: ACTIVITY 2


  • During the activity, ask the learners to copy the correct questions in their notebook. 
  •  After doing the online activitynominate some learners to share with the class what they have learnt about their partner(s). Fast finishers can be asked to write 2-3 sentences about their partner based on their answers. 
  •  As a follow-up activity, learners can write sentences about their partner. 
    •  Note that it is possible to switch templates using the same content by clicking one of the templates (e.g. Anagram) on the right of the  screen. 


  1. How old are you? 
  2. What is your favourite subject? 
  3. What are you good at? 
  4. What do you do in your free time? 
  5. What is your favourite kind of music? 
  6. What do you look like? 
  7. What are you like?