People I know A1 – Activity 3

People I know A1 – Activity 3

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 minutes

To provide learners with an opportunity to use the target language in a real-life context. 

Steps for Students

  1. Work in small groups. 
  2. Student A: Show your picture of a person. 
  3. Other Students: Ask and answer questions about the person. 
  4. Students take turns and continue with the activity.
  1. Put learners in small groups. 
  2. Demonstrate the activity by showing your learners a photo of  someone you like. Ask the learners to ask you questions to find out as much information about the person in the photo as possible. 
  3. Ask the learners to take it in turns to show their photo to their classmates. 
  4. Ask the learners looking at the photo to ask questions to find out as much information about the person in the photo as they can. 
  5. Check the activity by nominating some of the learners to talk about their photo or another learner’s photo. 



❗❗❗Note that to do this activity, ask your learners to bring a picture/photo of a person they like (a family member, a friend or a famous person) to class. The image can be a real photograph, on their mobile device or from a magazine. ❗❗❗ 

  • Before the activity, you may find it useful to revise the questions that can be used to ask about people in Activity 2. 
  • During the activity, monitor the learners and take notes of common errors for error correction right after the activity or at the beginning of the next lesson. 
  • At feedback stage, nominate learners to share with the whole class what they learnt about their partner.