Places I Go A1 – Activity 1

Places I Go A1 – Activity 1

Aim of Activity

10 - 15 minutes

Follow up activity after watching Animation to check understanding.

Steps for Students

  1. Listen to the teacher and look at the pictures ACTIVITY 1
  2. Are the sentences true or false?
  3. If a sentence is false, what is the correct answer?

Click on the link: ACTIVITY 1

Students can answer the questions by:

  • saying ‘TRUE’ or ‘FALSE’
  • standing up if it’s TRUE and sit down if it’s FALSE
  • moving left if it’s TRUE and right if it’s FALSE

For online classes the Teacher can use the emoji function to correct


  1. Boosty and Will are lost in the Supermarket.
  2. Will’s Mum isn’t in the Supermarket.
  3. Boosty and Will never eat spaghetti.
  4. Will’s Mum never goes to the Hairdressers.
  5. She loves to go to the café.
  6. She is in the bank now.
  7. She always takes the train.
  8. She is in the Playground now
  9. She can’t find Will.
  10. They sometimes go to the Fast-Food Restaurant.
  11. Will likes to go to the pond next to the school.
  12. There is a Museum near the Supermarket.
  13. Will loves reading.
  14. Will loves spaghetti.
  15. Will doesn’t like chocolate cake.



Create your own True or False questions to aid students with understanding the video or ask the students to do this.

  1. True
  2. False
  3. False – They always eat spaghetti.
  4. False – She sometimes goes to the Hairdressers.
  5. True – She always goes to the cafe.
  6. False – She usually goes to the bank but she is in the Supermarket now.
  7. False – She rarely goes to the Train Station.
  8. False – She never goes to the Playground.
  9. True
  10. True
  11. True – Will usually goes to the pond with the ducks next to the school.
  12. True – It is across the street from the Supermarket.
  13. False – He never goes to the Library.
  14. True – He has it in his shopping trolley.
  15. False – He loves chocolate cake and he has it in his trolley but it isn’t on his mum’s shopping list!

Activity attachment

Places I Go A1 – Activity 1