Places I Go A1 – Activity 5

Places I Go A1 – Activity 5

Aim of Activity

20 minutes

To engage students creatively with target language through a joint project or pair work activity.

Steps for Students

  1. Find your area on Google Maps
  2. Say where all the places Will and his Mum visited are in your area.
    • There is a supermarket next to the bank’
    • ‘There is a Library across from the School’
  1. Draw a map of your area and present to your group.
  2. Ask other students questions about their maps.
    • ‘Where is the supermarket?’

Face-to-face class:

  • You’ll need an Interactive Board/Projector or tablets for groups.
  • Prepare paper and coloured pens.

Online class:

  • share google maps online and make own maps for Homework

Go to Google Maps

  1. Select your area on google maps and zoom into an area the class knows.
  2. Where is the Supermarket/Bank/ Museum/Library etc?
  3. Ask them to use google maps to create their own maps of an area they know well.
  4. Use the maps for presentations and as a visual for asking and answering questions: Where is the ………………….? It’s on the left/next to …….



Extra resource on Map Making classes here: ACTIVITY 5

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