Power Cut A2 – Activity 4

Power Cut A2 – Activity 4

Aim of Activity

15 - 15 minutes

Building stronger listening and speaking skills, using common technology-related vocabulary with ease.

Steps for Students

In this class activity, you’ll be discussing a presentation on things that are currently obsolete and things that will become obsolete in the future. You’ll also be listening to a recording that features people from different parts of the world. After listening to the recording, you’ll need to answer a few questions about it. 

Click on the link: ACTIVITY 4 to access a Slides presentation

  1. Click on the link: ACTIVITY 4 to access a Slides presentation.
  2. Ask your students to guess the meaning of the word “obsolete”. Then display the definition on Slide 2 and encourage them to use it while discussing the content on Slide 3 in pairs.
  3. After that, have a group discussion using the same content on Slide 4.
  4. Next, direct your students to follow the link on Slide 5 and have them listen to the recording once or twice. You may want to invite one of your students to complete the gaps on the board or share their screen if you’re teaching online.
  5. Slide 6 displays the correct answers and includes an additional question for further discussion. 

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