Power Cut B1 – Activity 4

Power Cut B1 – Activity 4

Aim of Activity

10 to 15 minutes

Building stronger listening and speaking skills while summarizing important facts from a BBC video. 

Steps for Students

In this activity, you will listen to a recording about the concept of a “digital detox.”
After listening to the recording, answer two comprehension questions.
Once you have completed the questions, you will have the opportunity to discuss an interesting topic with your classmates.

Click the link: ACTIVITY 4


  1. Click the link: ACTIVITY 4
  2. You will be directed to a Slides presentation that features a playable video. The video can also be accessed directly from HERE
  3. Have your students discuss the content on Slide 3 in pairs and provide you with their answers to the questions.
  4. Move on to Slide 4 and have them discuss the content first in pairs and then in larger groups.
  5. Encourage them to share their opinions with the rest of the class. 


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